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15 September
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Welcome to anatilo!

I participate in many fandoms, and mostly make icons of things I enjoy. Feel free to friend me if you will. Regulations, resources, and awards are found underneath.


Yes, of course I have rules. Keep reading.

1. You absolutely must comment and specify which ones you're taking. I like to know where they end up.

2. Credit "anatilo" in the keywords. Just that, just simply put my username into the keywords. All I ask for. If I find my icon in your userpics without credit, I will probably comment and pester and annoy until you type 'anatilo' in there. I make icons for people to use, but with credit.

3. Never ever say you made them yourself because that's just lame. If you like to do this, you should just credit. Or you can go look for a few of those no-credit-required iconmakers. But I'm not one of them. Also, don't credit anyone but me. If you're not sure who made it, double-check, but you might as well delete the icon off your computer before you credit someone who you 'think' did it.

4. Only use for Livejournal. That means no deadjournal, blurty, scenejournal, greatestjournal, xanga, or any of those other livejournal-prototypes.

5. No customization on any of my icons. Do not edit at all unless there's a note in the livejournal cut that says something's customizable.

6. And then there's the no direct linking part. Yeah, so save the icon to your own computer and upload it your server. Do not use my bandwidth to upload the icon.

And you've finished reading the rules. These rules are pretty much on everyone's list, so follow them, and we'll both be happy. (At least I think so.. Well, I'll be happy. And hopefully, you're happy if I'm happy.)


[the icons]
[the banners]
I separated them, and put the banners on a Geocities website, so I don't use as much bandwidth. I will probably edit it so it's more organized later.


These are a few things I have gotten images from so far. Suggest images, caps, or galleries. If I find them useful, I will put them in the resources.


_majesty fairydust__ icondesign
interview_ suchdainties